Environment Concern

Global cooling A unique afforestation effort by the mills on rocky terrain led to the planting of 2 million trees. This helped improve the surrounding temperature / rainfall and a better quality of air to breathe. This "man made jungle" has helped get many laurels for the company over the years.
Waste management- A sophisticated effluent treatment plant processes nearly 3 million lts. of waste water which is than used for watering the a forestation programme.


Social Commitment

Gokak Mills places a high premium on employee welfare. The company hospital, residential complex, educational institutions are one of the best in the region. More than half the company's employees were born and educated at these facilities. With many children and grandchildren of employees serving in the company the tradition of a happy society continues in this serene township of Gokak Mills.


R & D

The Research and Development unit of Gokak Mills consists of Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, Product Development, Quality System Implementation, on line and offline process control and testing.
It is one of the largest such unit in India. The unit has been recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.


Packaging Options

The Mills are equipped to supply in a range of convenient packaging options to ease material movements in the customer's place.
Yarns: Cartons and Pallets. With Colored Cone tips. And Colored Strapping for ease in material identifications. Fabric Rolls/Bales/Pallets.
Towels: Cartons and Rolls.



Technology: Trutzshler and Rieter Blow Room lines and cards. Rieter Draw frames, Combers and Speed Frames. Rieter Ring frames, Schlafhorst autoconers with siro clearers. Volkmann TFO, Sulzer rapier wide width looms for industrial fabrics weaving. Nuovo Pignone shuttleless rapier looms for terry towels.


Let's Experience Exclusive Quality

Fabric Treatment
We do execute stabilization including reweaving & stitch repair details.
Artistic Direction
Assist collection strategies, storage, application and pest production management.
Satin weaving
Continuous weft yarn, with as few interruptions of warp as it possible.
Fabric Dyeing
Transfer dyes from aqueous solution onto the fiber surface & diffusion.

The Textile, Product, And Apparel Manufacturing Industries.

Fablio Textile fabrics aims to provide the best price on authentic fabrics. Every Harris Tweed or Moon Wool order also includes original swing tags and labels. We keep always keep an eye on quality.

The Majority Have Suffered.


Innovative Industry in The Outdoor Since 1970

We’ve been established as a family furnishers business for over 60 years. With a beautiful showroom in Kolkata, out friendly staff pride themselves in providing a high level of service.

An Acrylic Pulp

Fibrillated acrylic fiber & rein forcement material.

An Aramid Pulp

A highly fibrillated blend of the aramid fiber and acrylic fiber

Aramid Microfiber

Micronized aramid fiber achieved by Fablio self-designing.

Acrylic Microfiber

It can gives better toughness and polishing effect.